Mustafa Boğa and Kolbrún Inga Söring


Preview: 14th June 6-10PM

Exhibition: 15th - 20th JUNE 2018

Open: Daily 1-6PM or by appointment ([email protected])

Sponsored by Duvel Moortgat

# 2953c1 When it is not Spontaneous’, hosted by Sagacity, Brussels, is the third collaborative installation by Turkish artist Mustafa Boğa and Icelandic artist Kolbrún Inga Söring. This time, digging further into their experience of mental and physical borders and questioning their existence within these concepts. They emphasise a disapproval of discriminatory attitudes, stating that their expression is a carefully constructed ideology that raises questions fuelled by disagreement with the current socio-political climate. 

The installation exists within an ongoing project ‘The Fourth Culture - a Micro Nation’ which is a container for a critical view on society, where the duo practices intense critical self-reflection, using their opposite experiences, challenging viewers perceptions and asking them to perform a mental and physical reading of the information presented to them. This initiates a dialogue which plants a seed that then can continue growing further in the mind of another. 

Both Boğa and Söring present themselves in the space, but their roles are paradoxical. While Boğa is hidden, Söring is exposed. Deconstructing their own learnt behaviour, they express borderless attitudes through a special experience which becomes both intrusive to and influenced by the public’s presence. Their combined cultural experiences give them the possibility of examining cultural identities from a broad understanding of different perceptions.

Together the duo has had two solo exhibitions; “50.065.07 Red Never Apologizes for Being Red” (March 2017) at SiOUSiOU Studio in Berlin, and “#276331054 - Story Provided If Wanted” (July 2017) at Listastofan in Reykjavik. In May 2018 they were artists in residence at High House Working Residency sponsored by Anthony Gormley.

When It Is Not Spontaneous

Digital print on fabric, 150 x 220 cm

When It Is Not Spontaneous

Video HD colour, no sound, loop 3’00’’

Kolbrún Inga Söring

When It Is Not Spontaneous