Preview: 7th Dec 6-10pm

Exhibition: 8th - 10th December 2017

Open: Fri-Sun 1-6pm

Curated by Pathfinders

Sponsored by Duvel Moortgat

What if I didn’t know you ? What if I were always right ? What if this chest of drawers was a gigantic ship which enables me to see the world ?

In the space of all speculations, data are exaggerated, amplified and accumulated to push our reflection to the limit but first and foremost, we strive to give a legitimate place to our imagination. A voice is being given to the inadmissible and to the impossible, that of an alternative truth.

We build sanctuaries and wars in a universe where everything might be different or almost different. Where multiple details might come and upset the bigger settings. Where power might change hands unpredictably. The poles are upended and we invent magnificent species, limitless countries, fearless individuals.

Solitary or collective, games have got rules, systems of conventions of their own. So much so that we could even say it is the presence of rules that make a game what it is since they allow the creation of free spaces out of a will to escape from reality, by creating worlds that are free from the law and free of identities. The rules of space and time such as we know them are contradicted. The usual bearings upon which we build our lives are overwhelmed. But if the game is a truce while our warlike existences unfold, may we say the events which happened, the performances which were realized, the feelings had as it was taking place are false ? From experience, we all know it is not so. The game has implications in the real world. We think it is fiction but it is not enough to switch the light on again to make everything disappear. The experience has moved us, and may have done so very deeply. Its symbolic world has actually infected ours so that its systems multiply within us and in the way we see things. What is left in our memories is a moment that has really been lived through.

Let’s then take our time to recognize games as an artistic medium with its own specificities.

For the length of an exhibition, let’s allow games to wander inside its boundaries, mixing representations and fantasies.


Founded in September 2017, Pathfinders is a collective which aims at circulating, promoting and producing contemporary art exhibitions. Both artists and curators, they wish to share an art at once accessible and alive. Because art is at the crossroads between personal and collective experiences, they hope to set into relief all the diversity of creation and to avoid partitioning creative fields. Cheeky as they are, they offer exhibitions that take into account everyone’s intelligence and imaginary. In a nutshell, exhibitions that will warm up the soul.

Cédric Simon

Items Reign


Yaël Kempf

Untitled (details)


Hugo Ruyant, Santiago Garcia Velez and Maxime Sabourin


Video game

Mustafa Boga

Where do we go?

Video performance, 1’39’’