Rik Peeters


Preview: 16th Feb 6-11pm

Exhibition: 17th - 19th February 2017

Open: Fri-Sun 1-6pm

Curated by Soil Collective

Sponsored by Duvel Moortgat

“A while ago I stumbled upon a series of black and white drawings that I had made as a kid. Contrary to the estranging experience of looking at a photograph of oneself as a child, where one sees a depiction of one’s own flesh in a less developed state, these drawings seemed to be a relic of a lost inner world. By analysing, thinking and reconstructing this inner world I created a character: A caricatural reading of a younger self, who functions as a sort of protagonist within the work. This character is a young and naïve rebel, sacrificed for the sake of seriousness and utility. A little cupid that is put asleep, educated and trained, and eventually, forced to fit in like a robot. These processes of imposed transformation, of teaching and molding, often exhaustive and repetitive and both perverse and absurd, incorporate a sheer determinism. They seek to fulfill the prefabricated dreams and desires of a society governed by a logic of singularity, ownership and valorization. By exposing, exaggerating and looping these processes, I seek to uncover poetry.”

Nursery Rhyme

Wood, paint, clay, iron

Variable dimensions

One for sorrow

Two for mirth

Three for a wedding

Four for a birth

Five for rich

Six for poor

Seven for a witch,

I can tell you no more.

Cadenza, from one state to another

Video HD colour, sound, loop 3’04”


Digital print on fabric, iron

Bug Report

Video HD colour, sound, loop 10’19”