11th April - 2nd May 2021


PREVIEW: 10th April 3-9 PM


With the kind support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Duvel Moortgat

Photos ©Silvia Capellari

How to irradiate, dissolve sovereignty, contaminate though an aura while creating, gesturing, manifesting? How to blur borders between practices while allowing the rise of natural topographies, so strangely welcomed, resonating whispers that span though our epidermis?

‘Radiations’ is a conceptual mimesis of life and an echo of the Anthropocene: the human being, its object, its home, its architecture, its institution. Thus, the exhibition space hosts a body-landscape where object-beings exist in symbiotic assemblages. This corpus becomes the embodiment of a site-specific installation formed by miscellaneous artifacts, sculptural elements, architectural interventions, sounds and images.

In this context, the concept of radiation is a system in which a work of art emits its meaning while being absorbed by the surrounding bodies of art. The aim is to unite via a process of contamination.

While challenging the notion of authorship, as well as the over persistent myth of the artist viewed as an egocentric force of genius, the artists were invited to genuinely work together, to engage generously in dialogue during the entire means of creation and production.

The artists interfered in each other's processes, until they reached a relative dissolution of the personal imprint they left in the space. The art objects transmuted into vibrant holobionts celebrating a life that perpetuates itself through orchestrated aesthetic constellations.

As a first demonstration of protocol, an attaché case traveled on a choreographed circuit of the participant's workshops. At every stop, objects were added, and existing content was altered, elaborated, repurposed, and redacted. The suitcase harnessed familiarity with the sometimes idiosyncratic ideas, philosophies and modus operandi of and between the artists.

"Radiations" is far from being the first group show at Sagacity, a place by essence dedicated to collective artistic thoughts and actions. This is however about something else, about a new perimeter. The artistic ambition is all the more resolute as the challenging journey towards the projects' objective was additionally epitomised by dynamic procedures, surfing on erratic tensions and codified rules of engagement.

A collaborative project with

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier & Gary Farelly)

ScAle Architects (Detta Alessi & Maurizio Scalera)

Intermerz Collective (Koenraad Claes & Remco Roes)

Angyvir Padilla & Bestialo Culapsus (Abraham Araujo)

Yoel Pytowski

Maria-Krisztina Nagy