Image: Episode 2014-2017, oil on canvas 138 x 115 cm

Marc Hulson


Preview: 15th Mar 6-10pm

Exhibition: 16th - 25th March 2018

Open: Thu-Sun 1-6pm or by appointment ([email protected])

Sponsored by Duvel Moortgat

Rendered in sombre, muted greens and yellows, Marc Hulson’s recent paintings survey an enclosed pictorial world - a socio-symbolic realm in which a succession of figures both human and non-human play out uncertain roles. In a series of sparse interiors various objects and dramatis personae occupy seemingly interchangeable positions: a knotted bundle of rags mimes or parodies a seated figure, an ancient telephone idles off the hook, oval mirrors reflect empty monochrome fields. Death’s head balloons and decapitated manikins, avatars of estrangement, haunt this dislocated backstage arena.

This interlinked group of works forms the core of his exhibition at Sagacity. Related individual paintings are also included, alongside drawings from the ongoing series ‘Cast’, a number of which were completed during a residency at Sagacity in October 2017.

Marc Hulson lives and works in London. Since 1998 his work has focused on the development of a lexicon of imagery, organised around a principal of alternation between the spectral and the visceral. Informed by a longstanding engagement with experimental, speculative and supernatural fiction, his paintings and drawings chart a specifically pictorial and personal field of the weird.

He also practices collaboratively in diverse fields (moving image, sound, installation, performance) and contributes to the programme at Five Years, a London-based artists’ association and project-space. His work has been exhibited at public, private and independent galleries in the U.K. and internationally. He is an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin, University of the Arts London.

From the series Cast

Graphite and pencil on paper, 18 x 15cm each

The Replacements

Oil on canvas, 180 x 150 cm

Background Noise

Oil on linen mounted on board 5 panels, 24 x 20cm each


Oil on paper, 24 x 19cm

From the series Cast

Graphite and pencil on paper, 18 x 15cm each


Oil on linen, 30x24cm